Meet the Pastor

Elder David Harn was installed as pastor in 2009, following the retirement of District Elder James R. Sumners. Elder Harn was called to the ministry in 1989 and went to ministerial school at Aenon Bible College Extension. He became an Elder of Faith of the Apostles in 1991 and continued to preach and teach for 17 years, until becoming the pastor. He is married to Sue Harn and together they have five children David Jr., Nick, Jeff, Greg and Sue, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. On May 18, 1986 he was baptized in Jesus' Name and filled with the Holy Ghost in August of the same year. Sister Harn was baptized in May of '86 as well and was previously filled with the Holy Ghost. His occupation was truck driving until retireing after 30 years "on the road." He then began farming blueberries and has since downsized to focus on his wife's health and the church. Elder Harn is looking forward to what great things God has in store for Faith of the Apostles. He makes himself available to the flock and has been a blessing to our fold.